Amulet of Alu Necklace

Amulet of Alu Necklace



Because everyone needs at least one amulet pendant to complete their look, we offer our new Amulet of Alu. Our amulet is as unique and cool, as it is beautiful and magical. Derived from the ancient runic alphabet of Elder Futhark, which can be traced back as the origin of our language transcription and written word; the very concept that romanticizes humanity. This particular amulet is symbolic of magic and celebration of life, not only this life but also the afterlife; so basically, an “eternal celebration”.

The amulet also has symbols embracing luck, warding off bad spirits (evil eye) and inviting joy. Measures 3/4 of an inch (without the bail).

The amulet spells ALU, which can be transcribed into the word Ale, as in a “celebratory drink”. It represents a toast (and “cheers”)to both this life and the afterlife, hence the term “an eternal celebration”.  The amulet also captures the etherial symbols of a star and moon, divided by a concave, decorated in black rhodium. The amulet is surrounded by black diamonds as well as black rhodium spikes. This is created purposely, so the look is distressed and beautifully imperfect in design. The eye features a turquoise stone and entirely made of diamond bezels. The bail, is original and unique, also comprised of spikes, perfectly matching the aesthetic of the amulet. Hanging from an 18 inch, oval link chain. Hand-made of recycled gold. Available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. Locally crafted. Locally sourced.

  • Solid 14k gold amulet. Measuring 3/4 of an inch tall (without the bail).
  • Solid 14k gold oval link chain in 18 inches.
  • Black diamonds are prong-set and scattered with alternating spikes, circling the amulet.
  • The eye is composed of 16 white diamonds.
  • Turquoise center stone.
  • Embossed with ancient letter symbols as well as a moon and star, in black rhodium.
  • Hand-made in NYC.
  • Born in Brooklyn.

*Shown in rose gold. Also available in white and yellow.

*Please note, as a natural occurrence, all black rhodium will fade over time, with wear. This will not compromise the look or integrity of the piece. This can also be re-blackened.


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