Anarchy Signet Ring



We took the classic and always stylish signet ring and reinterpreted it with a punk-rock edge, in this solid 14k gold ring. Featuring a deep engraving that mimics a “scratched in” look, we actually worked with an old school, traditional hand engraver (because the art of hand engraving has been lost to machine engraving). We created a unique, raw and edgy look with the classic Anarchy symbol, the “circle-A”, with the A purposely coming out of the confines of the circle, because it looks true to the symbol and because it represents the very notion of non-conformity and breaking through parameters of social norms. The original intent of “The Anarchists”, or Anarchy, was social disorder due to the absence of government control, or a society without law or government, but it has been reinvented (in a non-political association) as an individual plight to escape from the frames of conformity. Skyler Man embraces the idea of individual freedom and expression and we love to set our jewelry apart from mainstream designs. The punk aesthetic and consciousness is a theme that we proudly embrace and it is often communicated throughout our designs. A core style of Skyler Man is the pairing of edgy (raw), with luxury (expensive); a “polished grunge” is a look that often repeats itself in our designs. In this ring, the “scratched in” and raw flavor of the Anarchy symbol is juxtaposed by two side diamonds, which are star-set by hand, to promote the edgy look of beautiful imperfection and natural non-symmetry. The engravings are oxidized in order to highlight, but they naturally fade over time (with wear). However the engravings are deep enough to be definitively visible, even without the blackened accent, and look just as lovely without any oxidation at all.  Wear this ring on your pinky (a classic signet ring look) or on any other finger for a daintier look. Locally sourced (diamonds). Locally crafted of recycled gold.

  • Solid 14k gold ring.
  • 2 hand-set, sparkling, white, side diamonds .05cts each for a total of .10cts.
  • Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold.
  • Hand-made in NYC.
  • Born in Brooklyn.

*All pieces featuring oxidation, black rhodium or antiquing will naturally fade over time (with wear). This will not compromise the look and integrity of the ring. This can also be re-oxidized.

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