U-nity Necklace


This necklace is just the perfect piece of a modern day, go to, wearable, stackable, simple, cult favorite. This necklace is an easy way to spruce up wearing both, a geometric U shape necklace and a solitaire diamond necklace. We have combined those two favorite pieces into one unique expression, not overly simple but just simple enough. The same goes for the shape and size of both the pendant and the diamond; it seems to be just right, nothing too minimalistic but certainly not too bold. We should have named this necklace “just right”, but we chose unity instead because this necklace is such a popular idea that pretty much everyone “gets it”. Plus, it looks like a U, and it is united with the chain. The solid gold, 16 inch cable chain is attached to each point of the U, so that when you wear it, it seems to flow naturally. Nestled on top is a brilliants, bezel-set, .05ct white diamond. Made by hand.

  • Solid 14k gold necklace
  • Solid 14k gold attached cable chain, 16 inches
  • U pendant measures 1mm thick
  • Brilliant white .05 ct diamond, bezel-set
  • Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold
  • Made by hand
  • Born in Brooklyn, NY


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