The Medusa Ring



This hypnotizing ring is just as wicked as it is beautiful, ethereal and magical. This ring was named, “The Medusa Ring”, because it is so captivating, we dare you to look away. You will be completely mesmerized by the stunning opal marquis in the center, resembling an eye, which we imagined as the eye of the Medusa because it’s so fantastic and certainly not any eye that belongs to a human form or manifestation. In another parallel with the myth of the Medusa, the crown of this ring is inspired by the snakes that compose Medusa’s hair. The peek of this ring can be interpreted as the ends of snake tails, both in the way they are pointy, wild, asymmetrical, untamed and specifically scaly in texture, resembling actual snakes. The shank of this ring is a continuation of the scaly texture making it an original, unique design. The ring is more substantial than our dainty pieces and looks great on its own, but for an unusual bolder look, it also looks wicked when paired with other pieces. Nestled within the snake tails are 3 pave-set .01 ct. diamonds, for a sparkle that appears when you move your finger, furthering the spellbinding appeal. Available in Rose, Yellow or White Gold. Locally hand crafted from recycled gold. Locally sourced (stones).