The Promise Ring



One of our most exquisite and elegant pieces that perfectly represents the Skyler Man brand; it’s luxe, chic, timeless and classic, at the same time being edgy, dark and unique. This ring stands out as it boasts a gorgeous 2 ct. center Black Diamond set up high so that it looks like it’s being hailed on a pedestal. The 4 Black Gold prongs in this piece get attention as well. The solid 14 k. black gold, pointy prongs are brilliantly minimalistic from the top as they clutch and the diamond with a black on black highlight, so that all the attention is on the center stone. From the side, the prongs provide an empty space showcasing the diamond while also lending a bolder and edgier look to the ring, giving it a sort of power to stand out from the crowd. The execution is perfect in that this ring manages to be both soft and hard, bold and delicate, classic and edgy all at once. This ring tries to capture the person wearing it from all angles and represent the power of a woman from every side. This solid 14 k. gold solitaire ring makes the perfect engagement ring but so many women love to wear it as an everyday beautiful diamond ring. This ring can be worn beyond the limits of an engagement ring.  It can be the perfect gift for someone as a  Promise Ring; It makes the perfect anniversary gift; It’s also perfect to gift yourself a promise.  This ring is also very versatile as it looks perfect stacked with so many different Skyler Man rings. Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand in NYC.

  • Solid 14 k. gold ring.
  • 2 ct. Black Diamond.
  • Available in White, Black, Rose and Yellow Gold. (We have it pictured with Black Gold prongs, but you can choose.)
  • Black gold will naturally fade over time and become lighter.
  • The setting on this ring can also be lower, without the empty space, upon request.
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Hand-made in NY.